This is meant to visualize where all data in the rom is stored. Each bank is 16kb in size, and can be swapped in as needed. The only exception is the PRG section, which is always loaded. It contains library code that is always accessible, as well as banking code.

Any banks marked as unused are great targets for your own code. You can also move things from other banks into them by changing their associated PRG_BANK_TYPE define in the header file.

Kernel (always loaded - $07)

  • NESLib
  • Main program loop
  • prg/chr/etc banking routines
  • Famitracker music library

ROM_00 ($00)

  • Music data
  • Sound effect data

ROM_01 ($01)

  • Error handler screen
  • Level drawing logic
  • NPC text engine

ROM_02 ($02)

  • Title screen
  • Various menus
  • Pause Menu
  • Hud logic
  • Player sprite/movement logic

ROM_03 ($03)

  • Level data

ROM_04 ($04)

  • Unused

ROM_05 ($05)

  • Unused

ROM_06 ($06)

  • Unused

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