NES Starter Kit

Simplified starter kit for making NES games using C and graphical tools.
Playable on real NES consoles!

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What is NES Starter Kit?

NES Starter Kit is a simple, fully-featured NES game paired with a complete guide to changing every piece of it. It uses C for almost all of its code, so you do not have to learn assembly to make it work. It also uses GUI tools such as Tiled and Famitracker to build your resources. If you're familiar with writing code, you shouldn't have much trouble picking this up and making a game to run on your own NES. (That's right, it works on real NES consoles!)

Try it now!

Try it out for yourself; there should be an emulator with the starter game in it just above this!

If that's not working, (or you just prefer a better/faster emulator) download the rom!