Crafting a new release

Note: Yeah, a lot of this could be automated pretty easily. With how rare it is, I haven’t put in the effort yet. If that changes, it may make sense to put a nice script into the tools dir.

  1. Determine the new version number. Use semantic release patterns.
  2. Determine if there were any tools changes. If so, make sure .create-nes-game.config.json is updated w/ new versions.
  3. Update version number(s) at the top of to match the version you created
  4. IF CHANGED, update the required create-nes-game version in
  5. Commit and push to main
  6. Create a new version through the Github ui, filling out the changes based on recent Git history (Yes, we want a tag.)
  7. For every branch based off a guide chapter, run the following:
     git fetch
     git checkout BRANCHNAME
     git rebase origin/main
     # If there are any conflicts, or this change is big, run `create-nes-game clean && create-nes-game build && create-nes-game run` then test the rom.
     git push --force origin BRANCHNAME
  8. IF ANY BREAKING CHANGES WERE MADE, update the README and state them, as well as the version people can go back to.

Potential Improvements

  • This process could very well be automated - especially the building of the modules.
  • The branch thing is annoying and repetitive, but also dangerous. Can we automate without taking away control?